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  • There Is Little That I Am Not Interested In. I Find More Attached With Those Who Find Me Uninteresting. Love To Observe People; To Be One With Them Be It A Celebration Or A Difficult Time. In Short “HUMAN BEING” – Thats My Most Favorite! Nothing Can Influence Me Better.,


From Coimbatore       |       Birthday May 10
About Me A lone traveler with a blotting paper mind that just absorbs what the senses receive. Be it sunshine or moonlight of life, blood or bliss of life, rain or drought of life - it sketches the canvass of my thoughts and words. Once a friend said, “You can be better understood through your words than your eyes”. If that speaks truth, then here are my words entwined with love, lust, pain and compassion.

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Shadows Of A Wanderer! The canvass of my thoughts and words that reflects my social surroundings,entwined with love,lust,pain and compassion through the moonlight or sunshine,blood or bliss,rain or drought of life.
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