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Happy New Year 2023!
May this new year gift you Brightest mornings Real laughters Deep conversations Lots of chai and masala dosas Relaxed deadlines Unexpected h......
1 Month Ago
Dosa on the tawa Vs Dosa in the casserole
Dosa on the tawa Vs Dosa in the casserole- That's the analogy my teacher used to point out my inclination towards the new lessons, vis-à-vis......
2 Months Ago
Midnight Musings
Aren't we all in this journey together, With the hope that, one day, eventually, Everything will fall into place, And the jigsaw puzzle will......
2 Months Ago
Self acceptance
Choose moments of conscious self acceptance. Allow it to pass through you- The warmth that spreads to the length and breadth of oneself, Gen......
3 Months Ago
Oft, I offer the privilege of my ruminations to wasteful thoughts, I allow them to dwell on my head during lazy afternoons with half open ey......
5 Months Ago
When my thoughts overflow and invade the length and breadth of my home, pacing fast like waves greedy of conquering space, Bits and pieces o......
6 Months Ago