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All the thoughts that I just need to voice out...becuase
they start chattering within me..

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Go on, lil one....
They turn around, and walk on.. holding their future in their hands.. We stand still, watching. Will they be ok?  We ask our hearts.. We spe......
3 Years Ago
...And you soar high.. turning 18 as you fly..
The day 18 years ago.. I had smiled while I held on to the lil chubby fingers of my older 4 year bright eyed boy, your brother ...we both l......
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An age, a licence and the confidence of being a teen
And so the day dawned.. The day that the boy had been waiting for since he stepped out of his 10th std all of 16 years. The day he thought, ......
9 Years Ago
Can 18 get any better?
       The books said, that the feeling is so amazing.. That once a baby is born, your world is brighter, it changes.. I didn't feel any of ......
9 Years Ago
Will they always be an experiment?
" You never got me a mobile phone when I was that age!" Screamed the 17year old.  "But I haven't got him one as yet, so why are you getting......
9 Years Ago
And she will fill her world with colour..
"Daughters are like flowers they fill the world with" ....... She had always wanted a daughter...they seemed special to her. Their eyes......
10 Years Ago