My Interests

  • I Love Drawing Comics And Cartoons. It Presents More Complex And Interesting A Challenge Then You Would Think At First For An Art Form That Looks So Simple! Besides That I Also Love Reading( All Kinds Of Fiction And Just A Little Of Non Fiction),
  • Music(again Like All Kinds Of Genre But Have The Strongest Affinity Towards The King Of Rock And Roll),
  • Movies( I Like All Kind Of Movies),

Rahul Bhandare

From Mumbai       |       Birthday March 04
About Me I am a simple yet complicated type of person! A little idiotic, somewhat intelligent, but on the whole quite pleasant and interesting. :)

My Blog(s)

The Comic Space This is a simple comic blog that is about spreading more smiles and making life a little more jolly!
Last Updated on: 5 Years Ago
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Tuning Fork This is a blog I have started to write more and hopefully some of it will be good.
Last Updated on: 2 Years Ago
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