My Interests

  • Cooking,
  • Reading,
  • Photography,
  • Music,
  • Dance N My Daily Does Of Master Chef & Bones On Star World. ,


From Delhi       |       Birthday May 11
About Me I am a complete food freak. I love my food & if I can make it in my own kitchen then life couldn't get better. I am an avid baker & experiments in my tiny urban are so many that I end up pestering even my neighbors to be my kitchen rats. I love reading and would one day love to be able to write fantasies for little children.

My Blog(s)

Chocolates & Dreams It is a food blog capturing my passion for food and all things good.
Last Updated on: 6 Years Ago
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Chocolates & Dreams A food blog that consists of my favorites, experiments & new discoveries.
Last Updated on: 4 Months Ago
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