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  • I Love Music,
  • Books,
  • Watching People And Blogging. I Love Trees,
  • Rivers,
  • Beach,

Shail Mohan

From Trivandrum       |       Birthday June 25
About Me When my fingers tap dance on the keyboard you will get to read something with a little bit of sense and maybe a lot more of nonsense. Am just a homemaker writing during her spare time.

My Blog(s)

Shail's Nest It has everything, a rant, a rave, rambling prose that goes nowhere, short-stories, poetry and tongue-in-cheek posts.
Last Updated on: 3 Days Ago
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Words In Verse... It is all about those captive words that jostle, push and shove, to be expressed. Words in verse....
Last Updated on: 1 Month Ago
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Luci The Dog Photos and videos of adorable Luci
Last Updated on: 8 Days Ago
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Shots And Captures I am an amateur shutter-bugger with a point and shoot camera. I love my Sony Cybershot W-150 for the results it is giving me. But I am hoping to graduate soon. :)
Last Updated on: 3 Months Ago
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