Shantanu Ashima Gaur

My Interests

  • I Love Science,
  • And Being The Nerd I Am. I Like Reading Pretty Much,
  • And I Enjoy Reading Books By Carl Sagan And Dr. Stephen Hawkings Alot. In My Passtime,
  • I Listen To Music,
  • And At Nights Skywatching And Deep Thoughts Are My Escape.,

Shantanu Ashima Gaur

From Dehradun       |       Birthday December 19
About Me I was born in Dehradun, and I am on my way of living my dream to become an astrophysisicist. I have been interested in the stars, and all of the cosmos since childhood,literally. And,this is why I started a personal science blog a few days ago.

My Blog(s)

The Cosmogasmic Person A personal science blog inspired from my experiences as a science enthusiast and a budding physics graduate. Lates news in science, weird theories and phenomenas, and my own views and ideas.
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