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  • Economists. Medicine . History . Civics. Scrabble . Daily Hacks . Common Man . The Billionaires . The Underprivileged. Charity . Blogging A Lot More !,

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Wajeeha Maria

From Hyderabad       |       Birthday October 16
About Me Medico.True blue hyderabadi .Ambivert . Profession under construction . Hurricane prone area.I am hope and joy personified. I am curious , a mess maker , not built to keep quiet , stand in lines , take turns or to keep hands to myself. Don't rush my childhood , am not as grown up as people think . I try to understand the world , my curiosity and drive sometimes looks like trouble. Not so busy brain on go with a lazy bum.

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Dr. Wajeeha Issues My blog focusses on the daily hassels in a ALL women's medical college . The issues we face and finally survive . Its educative , cheeky , funny , sarcastic , and everything else!
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