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My blog is a reflection of my random thoughts put
together,to develop as heart filled renditions.

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My new blog
 Never had i thought i will be into reading again.But thanks 2020 and boredom, here we are. Well, i did a thing- i started documenting my th......
2 Years Ago
The new normal!
So many emotions right now. However much i talk and discuss about this recent virus pandemic,i cannot get over the magnitude of iis spread a......
3 Years Ago
My Reflections
As i finish the only book i have read since ages, i cant help but introspect. Cant help but thinking about you. Such beautiful concoction ......
4 Years Ago
Bucket list!
In an attempt to convert my rusty, old blog that eats, breathes and lives "love" and emotions so much that as i read through it, i see posts......
4 Years Ago
Dear Diary!
Dear diary, Yesterday i watched DDLJ after ages, ( i am not a fan of repeating movies - more like a one and done person except if someth......
4 Years Ago
Something to ponder!!
Have you ever gone back  retrospecting the 'old' days? not just good but the not so good ones too Have you ever thought how life was then, ......
6 Years Ago