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Abhimanyu M A

From Calicut       |       Birthday July 22
About Me Take a normal guy, crush him down to half the size, beat all the sanity out of him, and add a passion for anything techincal and crazy. Well that should roughly be me. Insane , Wierd, Non Sensical and as said in the Blog header proud of it all. I am supposedly doing my Bachelors in Computers Science at National Institute of Technology, Calicut. Well it's a great place to enjoy the best years of your lives and to make some good friends, and to get a degree in the process.

My Blog(s)

Logic Is Torture A normal technical blog where I share with you what I know and oriented toward Free Software, Technology and the Web
Last Updated on: 12 Years Ago
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The Blog On The Wall Personal blog, where I rant nonsense, mostly filled with mediocre stuff.
Last Updated on: 9 Years Ago
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