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  • On Personal Scale I Am A Peace Loving Human Being. Who Believes In Living A Life Of Peace And Dignity And Hopes The Same For Every One Else. The Main Theme Of My Articles Is Our Life,
  • That Is The Life Of Common Indians Who Don’t Have Any Special Power,
  • Or Powerful Backup. Our Day To Day Affairs,
  • Our Problems,
  • Our Relationships. My Favourite Topics Are Human Relationship And Spirituality In A Personal Level. I Am Not Religious. I Am Only Spiritual,

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From Kolkata       |       Birthday July 17
About Me I live in kolkata, I have been writing since 2006. writing is more for pleasure and sharing my experiences. I am not a methodical writer, one of those who write after doing big research etc. that is why I select topics which are close to my heart. Like human beings, human relationships, life, nature, earth etc. don’t expect technical accuracy or details from my writings. If you want to explore human emotions then you will get enough of that from this blog, and ample amount of that.

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