Aneek Roy Choudhury

My Interests

  • Almost Every Single Things Under The Sun Interests Me.. The Sparkling Drop Of Dew On The Blade Of A Grass In A Cool Winter Morning,
  • The Flight Of A Detached Leaf During Autumn.... I Marvel At Almost Anything..,

Aneek Roy Choudhury

From Agartala       |       Birthday November 06
About Me I am the smile which never fades; I am the song of the everglades, Who wipes off all the grief in one blow, Makes you laugh and your heart glow. I am the solitary tree in this desert, The monsoon wind to your dry heart I am the time machine who will Help you rejoice the past warmth of summer and winter chill. Whoever on this beautiful earth you are I will always make you feel better. I will be your friend till the sun shines, Till the whistling wind blows past the pines

My Blog(s)

CONFESSIONS OF A MAVERICK MIND I'm trying to share a piece of my mind.mind it, my mind ain't an apple,,,so plz don't try to eat it.hope u enjoy,if u don't,then know that i was not responsible for ur condition.cheerio.
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Aneek's Photography Blog Dreams in my eyes,camera in my hand and a poet at heart.
Last Updated on: 10 Years Ago
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