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Alok Ranjan

From Mumbai       |       Birthday December 09
About Me Alok Ranjan is a marketing specialist and management consultant based in Mumbai, India. He believes, brands are caught in a maze of technology and economic dynamics, caused by disruptive forces, which are changing the way consumers interact with brands. In these times, a healthy marketing strategy would unleash vitality which will connect brands and their consumers in a symbiotic relationship. Alok advises brands to shape consumer centric strategy and assists to develop a roadmap for businesses.

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Game Of Mind Being creative is one of the pre-requisite to Marketing, the thrill of consumer interaction, reaching out to the people and gaining experience everyday makes brands develop connection with consumers.
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OnMarketing OnMarketing is a knowledge hub which provides insights on marketing,branding, technology and social media amid the dynamics of disruptive forces shaping marketing trends.
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ContentFlo ContentFlo is a knowledge property that captures the trends in #digital, technology and marketing from across the industry.
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