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idea being to share thoughts, keep in touch, express
gratitude to some individuals thanks to whom I have evolved,
emerged much stronger.

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The Vintage Kitchen - Lokhandwala - Anaggh\
The Vintage Kitchen - Lokhandwala - Anaggh\'s Blog
An Insta chat and then sent over some food for tasting. Extremely well packed and piping hot. Paneer Lacchedar –......
4 Years Ago
TOIT - Lower Parel - Anaggh\
TOIT - Lower Parel - Anaggh\'s Blog
I have been here multiple times and whilst it is a good place to chill, the way their other cities......
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The Craft Kitchen - Lokhandwala Andheri - Anaggh\
The Craft Kitchen - Lokhandwala Andheri - Anaggh\'s Blog
The Craft Kitchen – Lokhandwala Had heard about this place opening up and was also asked if I would review......
4 Years Ago
Canara Juice center - Anaggh\
Canara Juice center - Anaggh\'s Blog
At work. Already Hangry by 12.30. Being ekadashi and all my regular Shetty joints being over busy, decided to order......
4 Years Ago
Quizzr - Anaggh\
Quizzr - Anaggh\'s Blog
A new place by the same family of Agent Jack’s to make use of the PDA – Private dining area.......
4 Years Ago
OLA Rental - Anaggh\
OLA Rental - Anaggh\'s Blog
It has been a while since this service has been launched, and I have used it in Raipur finding it......
5 Years Ago