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Async is better than sync
Joining any new company is always a learning opportunity. When I started working at Automattic, it was a great learning opportunity for me as I had never worked fully remote earlier. The most impor…...
6 Years Ago
Debugging a Spark issue
While working on GraphFrames in pyspark, we encountered a ExecutorLostFailure exception. Following is the pyspark script:...
7 Years Ago
Seek patterns of Elasticsearch
One must know the disk seek patterns of an application when optimizing the storage layer for any application. So when I was working on the performance analysis of ES, one of the first thing was to …...
10 Years Ago
Clustering of synthetic control data in R
This is an R implementation for clustering example provided with Mahuot. The orignal problem description is: A time series of control charts needs to be clustered into their close knit groups. The …...
11 Years Ago
Building a Single Page Webapp with jQuery
In a typical single page web app, you load a html page and keep updating it by requesting data from the server either periodically or whenever the user asks for. Such an application is well suited …...
11 Years Ago
Idea for Windows Phone Team - Make switching easier and less costlier
Microsoft is already paying developers for porting their applications from iOS and Android. This is all well for the developers but what about the end users. They have already invested a lot in the…...
11 Years Ago