My Interests

  • Writing. The Only Interest I Can Have That Makes Me Happy,
  • I Can Never Stop Expressing,
  • Never Stop Writing... It Makes Me Feel Happy,
  • And Also It Helps People Who Are Left With A Feeling Of Being Dejected.. Friends... There Is Nothing More Special Than Words Itself That Can Make You Feel Happy,
  • Even In Love Almost In Everything Words Is The Only Term That Makes It Or Either Breaks It...,

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Ankit Dilip Mishra

From Mumbai       |       Birthday January 27
About Me Ankit Mishra :: Hailing From India , I Am A 19 year old Writer, much like a poet, And Most Importantly A Researcher In Different Kinds Of Human Emotions And Try To Understand Them, While I Pen Them Down Using My Skills With Words...

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The Deeds Of Life I'd like to share my experiences, that people contain in themelves but are unable to speak... in short experience your view of life, through my blog. Hope you enjoy the journey.
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