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  • My Ambitions Does Not Stop Here,
  • I Dream To Set Up A High End Cooking And Yoga Studio And A Club Where Many Cooking And Food Enthusiasts Can Come Together And To Learn,
  • Create And Become Well Informed About Healthy Living And Food Habits.,

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Archana Doshi

From Bangalore       |       Birthday May 21
About Me I am a home chef and the owner of Archana's Kitchen (www.archanaskitchen.com). Apart from from being a Food Writer I am Author, Food Consultant, Food Photographer and a Culinary Trainer. My website has eclectic vegetarian healthy recipes, that I passionately cook, photographs and write. I also own a you tube channel (http://www.youtube.com/archanaskitchen) where my video recipes are constantly updated. The channel also has recorded cooking class videos that was broadcast live.

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Archana's Kitchen A website with eclectic vegetarian healthy recipes.
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