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the viewer saw, long after the film ends--extending the
entertainment value

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217. Turkish director Semih Kaplanoglu’s film “Grain” (Bugday) (2017) (Turkey), in English, based on his original screenplay co-scripted with his wife: A sci-fi film on an agricultural scenario that could be real in the near future, with theological understatements

Updated 5 Years Ago

217. Turkish Director Semih Kaplanoglu’s Film “Grain” (Bugday) (2017) (Turkey), In English, Based On His Original Screenplay Co-scripted With His Wife:  A Sci-fi Film On An Agricultural Scenario That Could Be Real In The Near Future, With Theological Understatements
G rain is a very important film of 2017.  It is an important film for several  reasons.  Globally, very fe...
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