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entertains and provokes a mature viewer to reflect on what
the viewer saw, long after the film ends--extending the
entertainment value

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227. Italian director Valerio Zurlini’s last film “Il deserto dei tartari” (The Desert of the Tartars) (1976) (Italy), based on the Italian novel "The Tartar Steppe" by Dino Buzzati: An unforgettable film where cinema proves to be almost as effective as the novel

Updated 4 Years Ago

227. Italian Director Valerio Zurlini’s Last Film “Il Deserto Dei Tartari” (The Desert Of The Tartars) (1976) (Italy), Based On The Italian Novel "The Tartar Steppe" By Dino Buzzati: An Unforgettable Film Where Cinema Proves To Be Almost As Effective As The Novel
“ In life, everyone has to accept the role that was destined for him ”  –words spoken in the film The Des...
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