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the viewer saw, long after the film ends--extending the
entertainment value

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232. Danish/Irish director David Noel Bourke’s third feature film “Bakerman” (2016) (Denmark) based on his original story: An interesting tale of a quiet and introspective Dane facing career threats from his employer who is an immigrant, and unprovoked and unconnected vandalism from other immigrants, sparking off an unusual chain reaction

Updated 5 Years Ago

232. Danish/Irish Director David Noel Bourke’s Third Feature Film “Bakerman” (2016) (Denmark) Based On His Original Story:  An Interesting Tale Of A Quiet And Introspective Dane Facing Career Threats From His Employer Who Is An Immigrant, And Unprovoked And Unconnected Vandalism From Other Immigrants, Sparking Off An Unusual  Chain Reaction
B akerman is an award-winning Danish film that has surprisingly not been picked up for screening by internati...
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