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233. Lebanese director Nadine Labaki’s third feature film “Capernaum” (a.k.a. Caphernaum; and Chaos)(2018) (Lebanon): A film that puts Lebanon on the world cinema map by presenting truth, humanism, and issues often swept under the carpet, in many parts of the globe

Updated 4 Years Ago

233. Lebanese Director Nadine Labaki’s Third Feature Film “Capernaum” (a.k.a.  Caphernaum; And Chaos)(2018) (Lebanon):  A Film That Puts Lebanon On The World Cinema Map By Presenting Truth, Humanism, And Issues Often Swept Under The Carpet, In Many Parts Of The Globe
“Why are you attacking your parents in court?” —Lebanese judge/magistrate to Zain, a 12-year-old Lebanese, already behind bars for ...
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