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234. Russian director Aleksei German, Jr.’s sixth feature film “Dovlatov” (2018) (Russia): A soulful reduction of the travails of a Russian writer of repute, intelligently collapsed into six interesting, representative days in 1971 of Brezhnev-era USSR, providing the viewer a mirror image of what director Aleksei German, Sr., endured as a creative filmmaker battling censors in that same timeframe.

Updated 4 Years Ago

234. Russian Director Aleksei German, Jr.’s Sixth Feature Film “Dovlatov” (2018) (Russia):  A Soulful Reduction Of The Travails Of A Russian Writer Of Repute, Intelligently Collapsed Into Six Interesting, Representative Days In 1971 Of Brezhnev-era USSR, Providing The Viewer A Mirror Image Of What Director Aleksei German, Sr., Endured As A Creative Filmmaker Battling Censors In That Same Timeframe.
“Dovlatov was a sex symbol, an Elvis Presley, a legend (in Russia)” – director Aleksei German, Jr., on the writer Dovla...
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