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the viewer saw, long after the film ends--extending the
entertainment value

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274. Turkish director Semih Kaplanoglu’s eighth feature film “Baglilik Hasan” (Commitment Hasan) (2021) (Turkey), based on his original screenplay: An interesting study of a Turkish male farmer growing apples and tomatoes preparing for a Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca with his wife, a dream-come-true trip for her

Updated 11 Months Ago

274. Turkish Director Semih  Kaplanoglu’s Eighth Feature Film “Baglilik Hasan” (Commitment Hasan) (2021) (Turkey), Based On His Original Screenplay:  An Interesting Study Of A Turkish Male Farmer  Growing Apples And Tomatoes Preparing For A Hajj Pilgrimage To Mecca With His Wife, A Dream-come-true  Trip For Her
"You think you can go on a pilgrimage and come back clean as a whistle?   Only God can forgive you, sir."  --Turgut, an honest former employ...
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