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the viewer saw, long after the film ends--extending the
entertainment value

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275. Italian director Paolo Taviani’s twenty-second feature film “Leonora addio” (2022), based on his original screenplay: A fitting, unique tribute to the Nobel Prize in Literature winner Luigi Pirandello and to the late film director Vittorio Taviani from the 91-year-old Paolo, younger brother of Vittorio

Updated 11 Months Ago

275. Italian Director Paolo Taviani’s Twenty-second Feature Film “Leonora Addio” (2022), Based On His Original Screenplay:  A Fitting, Unique Tribute To The Nobel Prize In Literature Winner Luigi Pirandello And To The Late Film Director Vittorio Taviani From The 91-year-old Paolo, Younger Brother Of Vittorio
    “Have any of you read Pirandello?” asks a senior priest in a Sicilian seminary to his junior priests  “I read him in secret, then I conf...
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