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  • Everything Really! But I Must Say I'm Partial Towards Baking...Food Photography Is Something I've Started To Dabble With And Enjoy Immensely After I Started My Blog. There Is So Much To Learn Though! The Amazingly Talented Bloggers Of The Blogging World Have Been Such A Big Inspiration. ,

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Amritha Vijayakumar

From Calicut       |       Birthday May 08
About Me A good meal makes me brim with joy. I can never forget a good meal and the person who has taken the effort to make the meal for me This is my little attempt at saying 'Thank you' to everyone who has made me a wonderful meal and given me an even warmer hug. As Julia Child would say (much to my relief!) '“...no one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.” This is my way of reaching my goal, to be able to give what I have, with much joy, received..

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And When I Was Hungry Coz, a happy tummy is a happy you
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