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  • Updated 2 Months Ago

Bitrix vs Magento: Comparison

Updated 3 Months Ago

Bitrix Vs Magento: Comparison
Spread the love1ShareWhat are CRM and CMS systems? What is their difference? The difference between 1C-Bitrix and Bitrix24? How can Bitrix24 and Magento be compared if they are different systems? What to choose 1C-Bitrix or Magento? CRM system CRM (Customer Relationship Management, i.e. “customer relationship management”) is a process automation system that helps to build a dialogue with customers more efficiently, avoid mistakes in work and, as a result, sell them more, thereby increasing profits by 40- 50% and at least 2 times speed up the work of the company. Also read: How to Start a Company in the USA […]
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