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Arti Honrao

From Mumbai       |       Birthday September 20
About Me Storyteller, poet, book reviewer, photographer (by passion), founder of Writer's Ezine (online literary magazine) "What you feel deep within you is more important than what you think you feel... Reaching that deep within place is not too difficult; you just need to cut off the chaos, Go on a walk, spend some time with nature, listen to music, do something you really enjoy doing and not do it only because you have to...” These lines by Arti herself perfectly sum up Arti’s writing and all that it stands for. Her writing represents feelings more than thoughts, insight more than opinions. When you read her stories, or talk to her about them, you realise that she has lived her stories, each word, each character as though they were a part of another world, a world that she could open for us through her stories. Her blog 'You me and stories' is one such sneak peek into this amazing realm of love and relationships. Her unique way of depicting feeling and emotions, a simple yet skilful use of language and believable characters make her writing truly different.

My Blog(s)

Straight From The Heart Amidst busy lifestyle Straight From The Heart is a place you would love to visit and relax for a while. Posts that will touch your heart.
Last Updated on: 4 Years Ago
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You Me & Stories The blog of short stories where Arti Honrao posts one story per week. For one month after starting the blog on 19th July 2015; Arti Honrao posted one short story per day.
Last Updated on: 3 Years Ago
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