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Turn The Upside Down

Updated 5 Years Ago

Turn The Upside Down
Burnt out? Broken? Exhausted? Stressed Out? Given up? Ah, still time? No, I don't know. Confused? Sad? Can't see a way beyond this, numb? Happened. Happens. And will happen. There's no way out, oh wait, there is. But what is that? I still don't know. Life is a game or some might call it a puzzle where every piece fits in in time. It's our perception that decides what we want our lives to be. In this generation of high stress, no time to live for ourselves and too much pressure to cope to be successful, haven't we, a little forgotten to value a "pause"? A legitimate one which we deserve? Ah, yes there lies the answer. I am not here to tell you to not be ambitious, performer, curious, conscious or well informed, I am just telling you that YOU deserve a break, the one which will only feed your mind and soul to be better than you currently are, the one which will calm your senses and help you make the right decision which is always important to you and can make and break your life. Am I right or am I right? Every situation NOW which fills you with negativity like a plague is quite mirrored around the world with the same intensity and more, the only difference is how you deal with it, how you let it get to your head and heart. Yes, that makes a whole lot of difference and that's an invisible room you make for yourself right NOW, no one can keep a watch on that, there are no cameras, no people, no blacks and greys, no shadows, just you and your peace. You have to gift yourself this room, the space your BEING needs to keep you sane. You might be in your teenage, twenties, thirties or even sixties, this applies to us all, we are all in different situations — financially, mentally, physically and emotionally. Our needs vary but our approach can be the same and that is to be wise and patient. The golden key to all the rusted doors in our life.You don't need a golden spoon, all you need is to realize the golden key you have with you in the pockets of your imagination. Yes, I think the halo over your head is now starting to brighten up, give me a nod, that's like a good obedient human being, the kinder version of us which lives to support, love and spread smiles. Today, take out some time, make sure this is your own and spend it on yourself. Like the currency you keep earning and spend to feel happy, make this day about spending your time (the most valuable currency we have) on creating happiness ( the most valuable emotion ever). Let your words flow, the music make you dance, an older person bless you with a smile, a stranger giving you a sudden hug, a puppy jumping over you, a family member surprising you with a cake, a friend calling just to check on you. No Doubts. No Anxiety. No Sadness. No Over Thinking. No Negativity. First published here.
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