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Why Is Music One Of The Best Creations Ever?

Updated 5 Years Ago

Why Is Music One Of The Best Creations Ever?
Today's prompt to write from just one song is a little funny to me because Music as a whole is something that has kept me alive till now, it's a savior and I cannot find one song ever to relate or be grateful to. For the magnanimity of the creation, I'd have endless words to write but I'd keep it short. Music, with different genres, languages, feels, instruments, combinations, selection of emotions, places, singers, artists and so much more is one of the best creations ever because it has the power to stabilize our restless minds, it has "the power to heal" and it can transport you to a world of your choice, it has the power to change the environment around you, sigh. At every situation of my life, there are different songs which have held me so tightly from breaking down or helped me sometimes to break into tears so that I heal sooner. While I write, most of the times there is instrumental music flowing into my ears giving my ink a boost. The power of making someone feel relaxed and at home even when they are not, is the kind of magic Music can do. I'd just like to end this piece with the fact that every song has a meaning related to something in your life and that's the only reason it travels and reaches you because music knows what you need while you are still finding out. I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge.
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