Harshadeep Pahurkar

My Interests

  • I Love Gaming,
  • In Fact I Am Going To Start Live Streaming Video Games As Well. Other Than Writing Obviously I Like Photography A Lot And I Think I Am Pretty Good At It Too.,

Harshadeep Pahurkar

From Pune       |       Birthday July 30
About Me Hi, I am Harshadeep Pahurkar. I am first year student in Pune, pursuing my bachelor in arts. I come from a small town and hence, most of my ideologies and preconceived notions are a bit odd. I try to add a flair of humor to normal and ordinary situations. I am a big time psychology fan and try to analyse human behavior from time to time.

My Blog(s)

Kahanikaar Everything has a Kahani behind it, and we all are its Kahanikaars, I just bring out some interesting ones from my life and from people around me.
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