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  • I Love To Travel And See Different Cultures. I Have Great Respect And Love For Nature. That Is Why I Go Trekking Once In A While. Music Is One Thing I Can't Live Without,
  • Nothing Particular But From Different Places.,

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Bhanu Prakash Pandey

From New Delhi       |       Birthday November 16
About Me The only way I could work is if I am outside where there is enough air to soak my filters. I work hard enough to lay my feet on ground and head up above..may be ionosphere. I wear my skin everyday..Its not what is outside that reflects in the mirror I care for...Its whats in the very labyrinth, so clandestine that long back I sealed it in a treasure box and it now rests @ (dead zone) of some not to be named sea.

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French Salad So as this blog's title, its about bittersweet life. random, limitless and ubiquitous in each life form
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