Deepesh Soni

My Interests

  • Indian Railways,
  • My Research Work On Blood Cancer,
  • Train Photography,
  • Traveling,
  • And Trekking And Mountain Climbing,

Deepesh Soni

From Mumbai       |       Birthday November 17
About Me I am an ardent Indian Railway fan and a budding cell biologist. I have spent sleepless nights and days photographing trains all over India because I absolutely love the Indian Railways. I still, since my childhood, spend some time at the railway station in Mumbai watching trains pass by and this bring my a lot of joy - Guess what!! You can call me a kiddo but I love what I do!. Besides, I am a workaholic and absolutely love working on weekdays and love Monday a lot.

My Blog(s)

Adventure On Indian Railways I write on my train trips I take for the sake of traveling on trains. I have no destination in mind - I just travel to any random places in India.
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