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  • “The Universe Is Not Made Of Atoms,
  • It Is Made Of Tiny Stories” I Found What I Loved And I Let It Kill Me – Words! They Give Me A Sense Of Serenity,
  • Setting Me Afloat Amongst The Stars. They Let You Convey What’s Inside You,
  • Because Every Story Inside Has A Right To Breathe. And You Start Writing When You Realize This! So What Are Stories? They Aren’t About The Perfect Beginning And The End. Instead They Are About Not Knowing What’s Going To Happen Next,
  • The Breathtaking Delicious Ambiguity. They Make Your Heart Bigger. I’ve Always Wanted More And Doing All That Word Play Has Always Comforted My Heart. So Here I Am,

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From Surat       |       Birthday July 30
About Me All things Bright and Beautiful ! Literary Baker, Art Lover, Voracious Reader.

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All Things Bright And Beautiful All things bright and beautiful!
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