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  • Relocation Back To India,
  • Life In India,
  • Observations Of Life In India As A Cultural Researcher,
  • Mom Of A Toddler,
  • Startup Co-founder - All Of These Things Interest Me.,


From Bangalore       |       Birthday November 10
About Me Hello! Like hundreds of Indians each year, my family & I are moving back to India after having lived in the US for a decade or more. I’m right in the middle of the migrating season now! And like many of my fellow migrating birds – am excited, scared, confused, overwhelmed, anxious and many more things. My blog will hopefully be a little informative, a lot dramatic, a bit helpful, silly and entertaining!

My Blog(s)

A Rush Of Blood To The Head Excited, scared, confused and overwhelmed mom, startup co-founder, newly relocated back to India after a decade. My blog draws out broad strokes on my life here with observations on social issues
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