Rachit Bhargava

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  • LoVe PlaYinG MouTh OrGan And GuiTar,
  • FoRmeR KanPuR ChAmP Of ChEss And Also STate LevEl PlaYeR [Its Just A BeGiNinG],

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Rachit Bhargava

From Kanpur       |       Birthday January 30
About Me HEyY fRiEnDs i"m rAcHit bHaRgAvA pEoPlE cAlL mE cYbErKiNg. I"vE cOmPlEtEd My GrAdUaTiOn wItH cOmMeRcE StReAm iN tHe yEaR 2008. NoW i"m pErSuInG cHaRtErEd aCcOuNtAnCy CoUrSe AnD A StUdEnt Of C.A. PCC LeVeL. I'M JoYfUl In NaTuRe AnD SoMeTiMeS A LiTtLe Bit sHy AlSo bUt nOt WiTh My FrIeNds. I wAnT tO bE tHe RiChEsT mAn On ThIs pLanEt, BeCaUsE HeRe MoNeY cAn BuY aNyThInG.

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Rachit Bhargava's Blog Its about my life, my friends, my family.
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