Arthi Sridharan Rekha Chellappa

My Interests

  • Travelling And Exploring New Villages,
  • Towns And Cities,
  • Experiencing The Culture And Traditions Of Different People,
  • Capturing The Moments And Blogging About The Trips,
  • Attending Arts And Crafts Events,

Arthi Sridharan Rekha Chellappa

From Chennai       |       Birthday October 10
About Me A marketing professional with 12+ years of experience in companies like IBM, HP, IMRB International and a small business entrepreneur. Joining me in this venture is Rekha Chellappa, a former corporate professional and a passionate craft hobbyist.

My Blog(s)

Arts And Artisans A blog to share experiences on culture, traditions, arts, crafts and craftsmanship around the world through a common platform.
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