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Dhairya Sathvara

From Mumbai       |       Birthday April 29
About Me Cradled lovingly in the awe taking lap of Gujarat, grew up in Udhampur, Pune, Binnaguri, Allahabad, New Delhi, Kanchrapara, Kolkata and Belgaum. I've grown up in small towns as well as big cities. I can ride the roughness of a small village, and survive the madness and high of a metro at the same time. In short, I'm adaptive, open-minded and a survivor. A self-professed foodie with a fondness for Indian Cuisine who loves travelling. Dreamer and a constant learner.

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A Year Of Reading India During 2016 I am going to read a book from each of the twenty nine Indian States. In turn I would also be blogging about these books as and when I read.
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