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  • Bollywood. Jokes. Music. Advertising. Kishore Kumar. Blogging. Ideating. Watching Crap On Tv. Driving. Reading....but A Lot Of Non-fiction. Like Books Which Are Thin And Have Big Fonts. ,

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Rajesh Ramaswamy

From Bangalore       |       Birthday January 17
About Me Im just another ordinary guy. I\'m in love with my ordinariness. On an average, I\'m about average on everything. What I do is what most ordinary people do. I\'m ill informed and survive on that little information. I\'m scared of liking anything new, \'coz i just don\'t want to add to the already long list of things i like, But I can easily begin to like anything...and that\'s the scary part. I work as a creative director in an ad agency.

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Dinchak Disco A crazy blog of my crazy ideas and opinions. Read for no knowledge gain, but if you enjoy reading mindless desi timepass stuff. Mostly its about advertising, bollywood and middle class existence.
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