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  • Reading Books From The Genre: Mystery,
  • Startup Nonfiction,
  • Young Adult. Listening To Music From All Genres Except Heavy Metal And Those Songs Where Everyone Is Screaming Loudly. ,

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Mithila Menezes

From Mumbai       |       Birthday October 17
About Me I am a spawn of magic and literature. I love blue shoes, lame jokes and Ice Tea. I hate white chocolate, meaningless conversation and earphones that don't work. If you love to read something unique, something ethereal, something other-worldly, something funny, do visit my blog!

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Broken Blue Bubbles On this blog, you will find posts about out-of-the-world topics, my attempts at writing fiction and poetry, and reviews about the books I love!
Last Updated on: 4 Years Ago
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Mithila Reviews Books If you love to read unique views about books, you have come to the right place.
Last Updated on: 5 Years Ago
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