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I am Dev, a New Delhi based travel blogger. I have been
blogging since 2016 & have worked with brands like Singapore
Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airlines and Germany Tourism, among
50 other such brands.

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7 Ways To Kill Time On A Flight - FootLoose Dev

Updated 5 Years Ago

7 Ways To Kill Time On A Flight - FootLoose Dev
Traveling is one of the most fun things that you can do in your life. This is because visiting new and interesting places broadens your mind and gives opportunities for making new friends. If you are traveling solo, then it can also be the best self-development tool that can make you more confident and equip you with communication and problem-solving skills.  However, when your trips involve long flights, then killing time can become difficult. The following are a few tips for that: Watch Movies/ TV Shows/Read a Book It would be a terrible idea to board a plane with your laptop or tablet. This is because you may need it for a variety of reasons, one of which is killing time. For instance, you can use it to watch a movie or two (depending on the duration of the flight) or even a new TV series. Just be sure to pack your headphones in your carry-on luggage unless you want to irritate you co-passengers with loud studio laughs or action movie sound effects. And if …
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