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I am Dev, a New Delhi based travel blogger. I have been
blogging since 2016 & have worked with brands like Singapore
Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airlines and Germany Tourism, among
50 other such brands.

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Should You Buy Travel Insurance? - FootLoose Dev

Updated 4 Years Ago

Should You Buy Travel Insurance? - FootLoose Dev
Despite being a world traveller for a few years now, and being absolutely privy to the importance of buying travel insurance, I still find myself struggling with the same question every time I travel abroad: “Should I or should I not buy travel insurance?” I mean we all know that travel insurance (and I am talking about a full coverage policy and not some cheap ‘cover-me-only-if-I-have-a-heart-attack’ policy) can be a useful thing. It keeps us safe from any personal damage, whether it’s a road accident or losing our passport somewhere on the journey. Yet, when we are buying it, our mind tells us how the chances of using the insurance premium is highly unlikely. But what if we had to use it? What if we lost our baggage at the airport, or worse, we got robbed overseas? Wait… What? Did I say our travel insurance can cover us if we get robbed? Yes, I did! What Is A Travel Insurance? Before anything, let’s start with the basics and understand what travel insurance actually is. I’ve noticed the term Travel …
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