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Visiting Munich? Don't Miss The Town Of Augsburg - FootLoose Dev

Updated 5 Years Ago

Visiting Munich? Don
Last year I spent three days traveling in Munich and I know a lot of Indian and Asian tourists doing the same — spending a good share of their Bavarian holiday wandering and lazying around in Munich. Where Munich is certainly a great destination to travel to, and you won’t find such amazing beer culture (I still miss its beer gardens!) anywhere in the world, it still makes no sense if you spend all your time there and lose the opportunity of exploring another great town located at only half-an-hour train ride away from Munich. Yes, I am talking the town of Augsburg, on the Romantic Road Trail. If you’ve not heard of the Romantic Road Trail, read about it here: Romantic Road Trail in Germany (currently writing about it!). My First Impression of Augsburg Despite being located only 70km away from Munich (or a quick half an hour train ride) Augsburg is unlike any part of Munich. I mean statistically it may just be Bavaria’s third biggest town, but when you’re there you don’t …
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