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Judy Morris

From Delhi       |       Birthday January 03
About Me The Living, Eating & Travelling blog.. The Other Brain Inc. is a blog that surfs through the other side of the brain that is imaginative, creative, fun-loving, emotional et. al. Life's a mixed bag with some bits of happiness-sadness, stopovers & move-on, food for thoughts, food that's yummy, and creative aspirations-inspirations-discouragement. So you can hope to see a dash or handful of this stuff in my blog, in short, a connection to read on & lead a good life!

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The Other Brain Inc. ‘the Other Brain Inc.’ blog that surfs through the other side of brain. It covers topic ranging from Travel, Cooking, Lifestyle, movie reviews and much more!
Last Updated on: 5 Years Ago
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The Little Miracle & You The blog is an expression of my journey through motherhood and dealing with parenting issues.
Last Updated on: 7 Years Ago
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