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7 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Yoga - Get Set Happy

Updated 3 Years Ago
By Jais

7 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Yoga - Get Set Happy
  Being physically active has become critical for those living a sedentary lifestyle. Including active walking, walking, playing a sport, or doing Yoga, not only keeps you healthy, produces happy hormones, making you a happy person. As you are reading this post, I, the author, would assume that you want to know benefits of Yoga or already have some familiarity and want to add to your confidence. Hence, respecting time and thought of yours that is aimed towards your well-being, we would quickly understand the reason of making Yoga an integral part of your life.   Yoga is a discipline encompassing mental, physical and spiritual fitness, whereas, any other physical activity would focus on one aspect at a time. Yoga is extremely effective while addressing psychological and lifestyle disorders, like stress, anxiety, and depression. Yoga, with its asana, mindfulness, decreases the possibility of muscle pains, diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, constipation. Yoga practice improves circulation, leading to removal of toxins, supply of good blood and getting the glowing skin. Yoga requires only a mat, a clean area for its practice. Easy to do at home, in the garden, at the rooftop, on the beach, in a Yoga studio, at …
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