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When is the Best Time to Put a TV in Your Children's Bedroom? | GetSetHappy

Updated 4 Months Ago
By Jais

When Is The Best Time To Put A TV In Your Children
It’s easy for a kid to watch an entertaining, full-of-drama cartoon all day long. They can literally rack up hours on screen and might even forget to eat. Parents would also get much time to do other household chores when their little one is busy watching. But is it good to let a kid watch screens for so many hours? If not, how much could be too much? And if they are asking to install one in their bedroom, should you really care about that? Let’s talk numbers, 75% of children in the UK always demand a TV in their bedroom. In fact, according to a survey done by Reliant, kids start asking for a TV when they are in their Infant school itself. Additionally, around 45% of children out there watch TV to fall asleep. And only 8% of kids don’t prefer watching any Television programs at any hour of the day. What’s more surprising is that 50% of children still prefer live television over watching any content on iPad or Tablet – and this is good. The reason is, the viewing distance between an iPad and your children’s eye is far less than that of televisions. While your […]
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