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  • We Are Story Hunters And Essentially People Persons. We Like To Sit And Talk & Walk And Explore. We Visit As Tourists,
  • Stay As Locals And Leave As Prodigal Sons With The Hope Of Returning Back. We Love Both Our Romance And Our Adventure. Someday We Hope To Do Some Skydiving In The Himalayas,
  • Jump Off The Macau Tower,
  • Speak With Penguins In Antarctica And Live In An Igloo Somewhere Up In The Arctic. Obviously Amazonian Rainforests And Machu Pichu Trails Also Do Figure Up There In The List.,


From Ahmedabad       |       Birthday July 14
About Me To travel is our way of life and probably the reason why we call ourselves the Gypsy Couple. Entangled with each other in an accident of fate, we've found that the same passion for travelling and discovering places drives both of us. In the process of discovering the world, we hope to discover a lil bit about ourselves.

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Gypsy Couple We write about our travels, places we have and would like to visit, things we have done and would like to do and tips for general travellers and specifically couple travellers.
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