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Heta Gala Naidu

From Mumbai       |       Birthday November 13
About Me Hi folks, I am Heta Gala Naidu. To describe myself, I can just say, I love myself. I am two extremes(Scorpio girl ;-)..) If some person is close to me , I will love them a lot and will do everything I can and if someone is not being good to me then I will just say “Beware of me”haha :-P. I am just what I am. No one can change me or make me do things according to their way . This blog, The Pink Diary is all about my perspective on various issues, feelings and emotions that is expressed in the form of poems, short stories and articles. Also, you would find posts on book reviews, my travel experiences and many promotional articles on this blog.Recently I have even started my own YouTube Channel, where I share my travel videos, some of my cooking recipes and snippets of my life. Do check it out. Also, you could connect with me by dropping a mail at heta1311@gmail.com

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The Pink Diary The usual incidents....But in unusual scenario
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