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Awaken the Durga Within: From Glum to Glam, Caged to Carefree by Usha Narayanan

Updated 1 Year Ago

Awaken The Durga Within: From Glum To Glam, Caged To Carefree By Usha Narayanan
This book, Awaken the Durga Within is a mixture of the mythological tales, common sense, and wisdom mixed up to serve the perfect advice and guidance for the women of today. Usha is an expert on mythology and her books not only entertain but also give excellent insights to our life through the gods. The young girls or the middle-aged housewife and even the matriarch of the family—all of them can use a trick or two from this book. Usha strikes a chord with the reader as in her previous book, Prem Purana—stories of the love of gods. Where mythology
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