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E is Egypt #TravelWithBooks #AtoZchallenge @AprilA2Z

Updated 1 Year Ago

E Is Egypt #TravelWithBooks #AtoZchallenge @AprilA2Z
The mystic land of Cleopatra, Pharaohs, Mummies, golden sands, breathtaking Nile, and the pyramids. It cannot get more thrilling, romantic and diverse than this. The books out of this country are equally riveting. Page turners and bestsellers, the books I share today are either based in Egypt or written by an author from Egypt. The first book is by iconic Barbara Cartland. Her book is a romance and is based partially in London and Egypt. The Magnificent Marquis (The Pink Collection) is about the Marquis of Harlington, who travels to Egypt and report on the Suez Canal. BLURB - Delisia
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