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  • * Net Surfing * Driving (oh I Wish I Had A Car... Can Someone Sponsor Me?)... And Ofcourse... PJs,

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B Arvind Kumar

From Kolkata       |       Birthday January 01
About Me At times chirping (i.e. non-stop talking)... at times as silent as a corpse...! but be it good or bad time... will try to make the other person smile with my stupid PJs... thats right, I'm known for my irritating PJs! Some people call me the rescue man and some people call me the universal helpdesk! Close colleagues call me "Chotu" but one sweet lady hates me... n tries finding alternate ways to stop me...!

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My Small World This is a place where I take charge of myself and express what I have in the mind! All views expressed here is just personal views and is not intended to hurt anyone.
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